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Parenting Toddlers Seminar

Austin Family Institute Leads Seminar for Parents of Preschoolers: Sunday, November 3-24

Like many parents, you may find yourself wondering many times during the day why your child does the things they do. Often, it is like parents and their kids speak completely different languages causing frustration and emotional meltdowns (on both sides). Behind all those temper tantrums, emotional outbursts, and defiant behaviors is a carefully forming brain growing at an exponential rate. Gaining more of an understanding of how this organ operates within your child and the influence we have over its development can lead one a step closer to reclaiming sanity and to an improved relationship. We invite parents of preschoolers to join us for all four Sundays in November during the Sunday School hour (10:10 – 11:05am) in Room 405 for a seminar entitled Child Brain Development: What Makes Them Tick? We’re so excited to have Austin Family Institute leading this seminar.