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Summer of Kindness

Summer is here, which means it’s time to start our Summer of Kindness at Westlake UMC. What does that mean? First, this is a special worship series meant to invigorate our theological imagination and inspire a spirit of playfulness as we determine how to be kind in every aspect of our lives. Second, it’s also a call to action – to practice kindness with intention. And we’re going to have fun with this. We’re inviting you to play Kindness Bingo over the next seven weeks. You can link to your bingo card below. As you commit acts of kindness over the course of the summer, you can fill in your bingo card. When you get a bingo, make sure to post a picture of your bingo card on social media, use the hashtag #summerofkindness and tag Westlake UMC. Or you can send a picture via email to Curt Davis. Once we see your bingo, we will make sure you receive a prize that you are definitely going to enjoy. This is going to be so much fun! We look forward to our Summer of Kindness together with you!