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Why Church?

September 1, 2019

We know this will be encouraging and inspiring and it will be even more so if we hear from many of you. We want to highlight your reasons for “churching” through the use of short video clips that you record on your phone. For example: Why do you worship? Serve? Give? Tell? What do you love about your church? These are one of the questions you could answer in your video. It can be very short (5-10 seconds). And it would preferably be no longer than 15-20 seconds. Upload the video file here(as-is – there’s no need to edit) and watch an example hereand we’ll show your video sometime during the “Why Church?” series. Please email Curt Daviswith any questions.

One more thing about “Why Church?” We believe that our church family can be a place of healing, growth, care, connection, and purpose for those who are seeking. We want to share that with others. We have an ad we’re circulating on social media and we want to invite you to share it. It’s possible that God may stir your heart to invite someone to attend one or multiple Sundays in this new series as you think about sharing the gift God has given to us in this church family that cares. Here’s the link to share your church through this ad.