Family Foundations

  • Taylor Building, 2nd floor, 404-405
  • Our Sunday morning fellowship group is largely made up of young couples and families with children through elementary age. We focus on strengthening family ties – within the family and between families - through church fellowship. We enjoy lively discussion on a variety of topics, usually following a short video segment from prominent scholars like Rob Bell or Andy Stanley. The group enjoys monthly social gatherings (lunch at Hat Creek, family bowling, potluck dinners, etc.), some adults only and some with the children. Many of our families attend the church-wide retreat at Mo Ranch in the spring. Check us out! All are welcome. We are a Reconciling Ministries group.
  • Start-Up Families is an associated fellowship group especially geared for expecting families and those with newborns and toddlers. We support each other and enjoy social gatherings that are extremely infant friendly. On Sunday mornings, this group is especially welcome in the Family Foundations Class.