Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like more information about any of these opportunities please feel free to contact Diane Kofahl at youth@westlake-umc.org or 512-327-1335 ext.23

☐ Sunday Connect small group teacher

  • 10:10am – 11:05am. This is the youth Sunday School hour, we call it Sunday Connect because we hope the students connect to each other and to God during this time. Could be every week, every other week or once a month. We start with a game and then share our names with each other and then move into small groups. Curriculum changes depending on the time of year, the sermon series, etc. Both HS and MS break into separate groups and we’d like to have two teachers for each.

☐ Small Group teacher

  • Every week, Every other week, or once a month. Oure vening youth group time where we split into Middle School and High School groups. We have 2 teachers for each small group.

☐ Confirmation mentor

  • This is a one on one relationship with an adult and student throughout the confirmation time. Usually October through May. The confirmation mentor agrees to meet weekly with the student to discuss how their confirmation classes and field trips are going. They also agree to attend the confirmation retreat in and confirmation Sunday in the spring.

☐ Confirmation teacher

  • 6-7:30pm Dinner and then class. Teach a 1 hour confirmation class once on a Sunday night. Topic can be something you are passionate about and chosen from our confirmation curriculum.

☐ Adult on Youth Council

  • Meet once a month for about 1.5 hour usually on Sundays. Includes both students and adults. We have an adult and student who co-chair the council and we discuss many topics from events to who our interns will be! All voices are heard.

☐ Adult chaperone on trips

  • Attend a trip that the youth go on. These can include Middle School Midwinter in February, High School winter trip mid January, Schlitterbahn day trip, Six flags day trip, Middle School mission trip in Texas, High School mission trip to North Carolina, etc.

☐ Provide food for events

  • Once a month through Volunteer Spot you can choose what you’d like to provide.
  • Once a year be the coordinator of food for a special occasion like confirmation brunch, graduation Sunday brunch etc.
  • Confirmation dinner is once a week from October through May. Usually the parents of the students cover most weeks but we often have a couple weeks unfulfilled and we’d need someone to provide dinner (this meal is reimbursable).

☐ Provide rides or support or events

  • Once a month we have fun events where we usually need extra adults around to chaperone the students either on WUMC campus or drive them and stay for the activity away from WUMC campus. Examples: Traveling Turkeys in November, Bowling in the spring.

☐ Prayer Partners

  • Confirmation prayer partner is where you pray for a student throughout their confirmation experience.
  • Trips prayer partner is where you pray for a student or adult while they are on a trip.

☐ Financial Help

  • We can always use more funds for our WUMC Youth ministry. This past year we were able to hire two summer interns due to financial giving!

☐ Administrative Help

  • Every once in a while we need help with administrative things in the youth ministry that could eat up some time! For example checking that printed out database lists of email addresses match our online group emails lists, helping to return medical forms to the correct folder in alphabetical order after they have been used for a trip, our doing phone calls.