You are welcome here.

At Westlake United Methodist Church, we celebrate that all persons are created in the image of and are equally loved by God. As followers of Christ, whose love is boundless, we invite, welcome and affirm all* people into full participation in the life, ministries, worship, and sacraments of this faith community.

*All includes, but is not limited to, people of every age, race, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, economic standing, education level, physical and mental capacity, national origin, and family configuration.

What makes WUMC different?

The Westlake Church Family is a group of imperfect people who have been brought together by grace to worship God, to be reminded of forgiveness and to find out what God wants us to do to make a difference in this world. During our weekend services, uplifting music, challenging media and drama presentations with practical, relevant messages present the timeless truths of the Bible that can be easily understood and applied to your daily life. There are great opportunities for the entire family to be involved in this community.

What is your w eekend service like?

We work hard to make sure every service is creative and relevant to your life. Someone will greet you on our front porch. Feel free to sit where you want. Our blended service at 10:10 AM features the best of modern and traditional worship styles.

What about my children?

Children are welcome in all worship services. We have activity packets for them and a special time for them as a part of the service. Your kids will be blessed to be a part of Sunday School. Our Children's Ministry Team works hard to have classes that include music, crafts, and a great Bible story on their level. Please note that children's classes are at 10:10 am, our Sunday School hour for adults, youth, and children.

What do you have for middle and high school students?

Our Student Ministry, offers a program of get-togethers, retreats, bible study, music, service opportunities & mission trips.

How and where can I get involved?

If you are looking for a place to serve our online serving guide is a great place to start!

What does WUMC believe?

Westlake United Methodist is a scripture-based church - we believe that scripture should be interpreted through tradition, reason, and experience. Any single scriptural passage should be interpreted in the context of the overarching story of God's grace revealed in Jesus Christ.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, give anything, or be singled out in any way?

No. If you are our guest, we won't ask you to wear a sticker or stand up or stand out in any way. We don't even ask that you give a dime in our offering baskets. We want you to remain as anonymous as you want to be, but we do encourage you to come for several weeks so that you can see all that is going on at WUMC. We encourage you to fill out one of our registration cards so that we can get to know you and help you learn about WUMC.

How do I get to your church?

Click here to see us on google maps. We have people attending from all over the Austin area.

What do I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. People wear everything from "Sunday best" to business casual to shorts and sandals. Feel free to leave the tie and high heels at home.