Listed below are some of our upcoming and current events. You can find more about our small groups, classes and outreach under the MINISTRIES tab. See the full church calendar at the bottom of the page.

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Summer is here, which means it’s time to start our Summer of Kindness at Westlake UMC. What does that mean? First, this is a special worship series meant to invigorate our theological imagination and inspire a spirit of playfulness as we determine how to be kind in every aspect of our lives. Second, it’s also a call to action – to practice kindness with intention. And we’re going to have fun with this. We’re inviting you to play Kindness Bingo over the next seven weeks. You can link to your bingo card below. As you commit acts of kindness over the course of the summer, you can fill in your bingo card. When you get a bingo, make sure to post a picture of your bingo card on social media, use the hashtag #summerofkindness and tag Westlake UMC. Or you can send a picture via email to Curt Davis. Once we see your bingo, we will make sure you receive a prize that you are definitely going to enjoy. This is going to be so much fun! We look forward to our Summer of Kindness together with you!

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The 2021 Westlake Hills 4th of July Parade is Back!

We have a wonderful opportunity to share our church with our Westlake community on Sunday, July 4th in the City of Westlake Hills Independence Day parade. If you’re available we’d love to have you join our parade crew by walking with our “float.” The route is less than a mile so it’s not a strenuous walk. If you have a red Westlake UMC t-shirt, we encourage you to wear that. You can park in the shopping center lot outside of Texas Honey Ham, Wells Fargo and Walgreens. Arrive at 8:00am at the Independent Bank parking lot at 101 Westlake Drive. At 8:30am the parade will proceed from the bank parking lot and head north on Westlake Drive, make the first right, and head back down on Reveille Road, concluding in the bank parking lot.

There will be NO 9:00am worship service on Sunday, July 4th. And there will be no special Sunday School programming for adults or children. But because the parade begins at 8:30am, there will be time to walk in the parade, go home and shower and make...

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We have resumed in-person worship in the sanctuary at 9am and 11:15am

RSVPs are no longer required, just show up and join us for worship!

We have taken this step because the infection rates in Travis County have declined, the COVID-19 vaccination rate in our community is high, and the latest CDC guidelines indicate that the risk of spreading infection among vaccinated people is low. Because we cannot be sure that 100% of attending adults have been vaccinated and because we will welcome all people, including those under the age of 12 who cannot yet be vaccinated, we will ask that the congregation wear masks and we will provide space to spread out. All worship leaders are fully vaccinated and will remove their masks when speaking or singing to allow for better understanding. In the short term, the two services will be identical and contain a blend of traditional and contemporary music.

Children’s Sunday school (one-room model) will also meet in person at 10:15am. They will meet outside (weather permitting) or in Room 400.

Holy Land 2021 Web Image.png

October 18-27

I love the Bible. Its stories told by and about and for a people of faith, its history, its context...all capture my imagination and continually transform my heart. If reading and studying those stories can have such an impact on me, I wonder (especially as we walk through Holy Week toward Easter) what it would be like to get to actually stroll through them. What would it be like to experience the biblical stories in their original setting? I imagine the stories coming alive in me as I see the landscape, breathe the air, touch the stones, dig my toes into the sand, immerse myself in the waters of the Jordan, taste the bread and wine. Experiencing the Holy Land is a decades-long dream of mine. Immersed in the original context of so many of the stories that shape who I know God to be is sure to grow my faith. This is why I am so excited about visiting the Holy Land this coming October.

Like much of life last year, the trip we’d planned to the Holy Land was cancelled. Now that vaccinations are being distributed and hope is growing...

Stewardship 2021 Web Image.png

Gratitude Rocks! That’s what we are celebrating during this year’s stewardship emphasis. Gratitude rocks us and inspires us to meet God’s infinite generosity with a generosity of our own expressed through a commitment that offers to God our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.


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Westlake United Methodist Church has moved to “virtual” interaction and suspend all in-person church activities and meetings effective immediately. This includes all Sunday morning classes and worship services.

Click here to view the WUMC Covid 19 Re-Opening Policy.

We have online worship services at 9:00 & 11:15am. It is super-easy to participate. Just click here. At 9:00 & 11:15am on each Sunday the livestream will begin. If you miss it, you can still click this link and, once the landing page loads, click on the archived service in the right-hand column to watch anytime. There will be two buttons on the top left-hand side of the screen. The top...


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