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These are uncertain times and I don’t know about y’all, but this is completely uncharted territory for me. I’m so grateful for your gracious spirits, for strong leaders among our staff and laity and for the gift of the Holy Spirit working in our midst to help as we navigate this path.

On behalf of me and both our current and incoming Church Council chairs; Jim Burke and Ellen Balthazar, respectively. We want you to know that I and your church leadership continue to closely monitor the latest information related to the Coronavirus which, as you all know, is coming at us fast and furiously. The current wisdom points to proceeding with an abundance of caution in a collective effort to “flatten the curve” on the spread of the virus. The hope is that if we take appropriate precautions, including and especially limiting face to face interaction, the number of those infected at any one time will not outpace the limits of our hospitals and health professionals. I, for one, am resoundingly in favor of that. Your health and well-being are extremely important to me!...

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Enter the Passion of Jesus

Watch services live on Sundays at 11:15 AM HERE

Each year, during Lent our focus on Jesus’ life and ministry and, ultimately, his journey to the cross intensifies during Holy Week. Unfortunately, many are not able to participate in Holy Week services which occur on days and at times other than Sunday morning, so they do not get to fully experience the dramatic story of the Passion of Jesus. It’s important to dwell on the stories of Jesus’ last week leading up to the cross to fully grasp how stunning is the salvation we celebrate on Easter morning. So, this year, during the 40 days leading up to Christ’s resurrection, we will sink deeply into the Passion of Jesus.

Our 6-week Lenten worship series, “Picture Yourself in the Story: Enter the Passion of Jesus” will begin Sunday, March 1st. Each week we will freeze-frame a story of the Passion of Jesus, zooming in to examine it more closely in its original context. As we pan out, we...

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High School Seniors--its time to apply! Candidates must be WUMC church members who desire to further their education with the goal of becoming productive citizens, and who have applied to a college or an institute of higher education for any area of study. Primary factors for consideration are

1) church involvement,

2) financial need, and

3) a history of good scholarship practices.

The application will open around November 15th Scholarship recipient(s) will be announced on Graduate Sunday (May 3, 2020). Applications due March 15.

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September 1, 2019

We know this will be encouraging and inspiring and it will be even more so if we hear from many of you. We want to highlight your reasons for “churching” through the use of short video clips that you record on your phone. For example: Why do you worship? Serve? Give? Tell? What do you love about your church? These are one of the questions you could answer in your video. It can be very short (5-10 seconds). And it would preferably be no longer than 15-20 seconds. Upload the video file here(as-is – there’s no need to edit) and watch an example hereand we’ll show your video sometime during the “Why Church?” series. Please email Curt Daviswith any questions.

One more thing about “Why Church?” We believe that our church family can be a place of healing, growth, care, connection, and purpose for those who are seeking. We want to share that with others....

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December 1, 2019 12:30pm

10-Day Holy Land Tour - Departs October 13, 2020!

We know all of the stories of Jesus; stories that have touched our hearts and changed our lives. Can you imagine stepping into those stories, walking where Jesus walked? Can you imagine seeing and hearing, touching, smelling and tasting what Jesus did? Join me(Pastor Tracey) for the trip of a lifetime. Tour the Holy Land in 10 days and experience the stories of Jesus in a whole new light!

Click here for all the details!

If you have additional questions please contact Pastor Tracey

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Temperatures are trending downward in South Texas, albeit slowly, so the first week in October seems like a great time to return to our favorite working grounds in South Texas. The need for building wheel chair ramps is growing, but our case managers will decide on our top priorities, and decide on the best use of our time.

I'll head down the morning of Sept 30th and we'll return the afternoon of Oct 4th. I'll have coolers with cold water and Gatoraid, and lunch fixn's for a couple of days. I must admit that the sausage gravy and biscuits with fried eggs for breakfast were pretty good, so you just might just see a reprise of that one morning.

As always, come when you can and leave when you must. Hopefully we'll have a good turnout, because as I stated in my last report, many volunteer groups have faded away, so the need for us has grown. The fact that we've been doing this for over 2 years is a testament to our dedication and commitment. I thank you all for that.

Let me know if what days you can make it so we can prepare accordingly.

Thank you...

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Most of us know someone of another faith. Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are our friends, neighbors and co-workers. Would you like to grow in your understanding of these faith traditions in order to better love our neighbors? Join us for a 4-part Sunday sermon series in February called Christianity and World Religions: Understanding and Loving Our Neighbors. Plus, join us for a World Religions Study from 10:10-11:05am each Sunday led by Eileen Flynn - the Picayune Editor & Journalism and Religion Lecturer at UT Austin.


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