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Adult Sunday School Classes

Sunday Morning Groups meet from 10:10-11:05. All classes welcome guests, newcomers, and members. Those affiliated with the Reconciling Ministries Network are designated “RMN”.

  • Taylor Building, 2nd floor, 407
  • This group is for parents or grandparents in the midst of parenting youth and includes discussion, special study series, and scripture readings to help discern God’s love and guidance – for us, and our kids! Come join us to support each other and our youth through their challenging and wonderful preteen and teenage years!

  • Taylor Building, 2nd floor, 404-405
  • Our Sunday morning fellowship group is largely made up of young couples and families with children through elementary age. We focus on strengthening family ties – within the family and between families - through church fellowship. We enjoy lively discussion on a variety of topics, usually following a short video segment from prominent scholars like Rob Bell or Andy Stanley. The group enjoys monthly social gatherings (lunch at Hat Creek, family bowling, potluck dinners, etc.), some adults only and some with the children. Many of our...

  • Wyatt Hall (202-203)
  • Jesus was the architect and builder of bridges for you, for me, for all humankind. The Bridges Sunday School Class explores the bridges over which we must cross if we are to walk humbly with our Lord. Through a video and discussion-based curriculum, we explore how to build bridges between ourselves and others in our community, country, and the world.

  • Building M Room 130
  • Journeys is a Sunday morning fellowship group that studies and advocates for social justice issues, in keeping with Christian values in the context of our own lives. This is done through outreach efforts, educational events, and personal ministry.

    The group is made up of single and married adults who share a passion for social justice ministries. We study issues in depth, such as foundational beliefs of other world religions, interfaith relations, same-sex marriage and ministry, ecological concerns, and immigration/border ministries. We use prepared...


  • Library
  • This class welcomes visitors and those whose schedules make regular attendance difficult. We have weekly topics of discussion that confront the news headlines with scripture and hope. We use The Wired Word (weekly electronic publication) to bring current events into our faith discussions. We are members of Reconciling Ministries Network. All are welcome. We have social gatherings several times a year. We usually join any special Sunday morning series offered by others in the church. RMN.

  • Building M Room 134
  • While we are the largest of the Sunday school groups, the Fellowship Class welcomes everyone! It’s a place of personal relationships – building on existing ones and looking for new people to join us in Christian fellowship. Our members generally have college age or grown children. A typical Sunday morning begins with a short period of greeting and catching up on the previous week’s activities before starting our program/study time. Our programs cover a wide range of topics that move between several categories throughout the year, such as: Living...

  • Taylor Building downstairs Room 403
  • Has reading the Bible been on your to do list for too long? Would a small group discussion format help you engage and focus on the “greatest book ever written“? Consider joining older adults who enjoy fellowship and spirited discussion as we seek to understand the Bible and scripture in a modern context.

    Our class is named in honor of Preston Wyatt, one of the people who founded Westlake United Methodist Church in 1976. Lessons are based on the Methodist Adult Bible Studies Series. Regular and large print materials are provided. Drop in...


Small Group Bible Studies & Wellness Groups

  • Church Library Thursdays 3-5:00
  • A group of adults meet weekly for meditation practice. We have an hour and a half of teaching and discussion, followed by about 20 minutes of guided practice. Meditation is in wider use now than ever before as more people understand and experience the benefits of a contemplative practice. It brings calmness, better focus, and reduced stress – possibly even lowering blood pressure – and offers more effective ways of coping with life’s disturbances. We welcome newcomers.

  • Meets in Building M, Room 133, Mondays at 11:30.
  • QIGONG, also known as "Relaxation Movement Exercise," these gentle stretching and strengthening movements help to stimulate your immune system, strengthen your internal organs and get you moving!

Women's Ministries

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We are moms... we are in it together. Young moms wanting to grow, seasoned mentor moms wanting to invest, impart and inspire.

What we do: We engage and energize women through our relationships with one another, and we equip and encourage young women in their roles of wife, mother and child of God. We are a group of dedicated moms of children from birth to fifth grade.

How we do it

  • Bible-based teaching on parenting, marriage and spiritual growth.
  • Small groups of young moms led by experienced mentors.
  • Loving and serving one another.

Abiding in the Vine Web Image.png

Join us for a women’s Bible Study that meets on 1st & 3rd Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm at Zoe’s Kitchen in the Westlake Village Shopping Center. We pick a scripture from the lectionary for that week and discuss it. We usually have 6-8 women, with plenty of space for more. If you’d like to be included on the email list, please send an email to

Heart to Heart Web Image.png

Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in the church library.


Men's Ministries

Mens Gorup Web Image.png

The group meets in the Church Library Tuesday mornings at 7:30 AM.

Join this weekly men’s Bible study group. The topics of discussion vary, but are focused on bringing members closer to Christ. Members take turns leading discussions. All are welcome.

Emmaus Web Image.png

Mens Emmaus alumni group.