Care Groups

Part of the Methodist tradition from our founding three hundred years ago is caring for our brothers and sisters. Our vision is simple: to become a community in which we extend the healing love of Christ to one another. The church cannot take the place of doctors, nurses, counselors and healthcare professionals, but our church community can make a difference in healing and transforming lives. God empowers all healing, and healing comes in many different forms and through many different hearts and hands. We look for the ways that our hearts and hands can be channels of healing.

When a church member has a reason to celebrate, we want to be there, spreading our joy about God’s blessing. When a church member encounters illness, depression, tragic circumstances, or death, the members of our community want to be there, offering care and concern appropriate to the situation, whether it is prayer, companionship and listening, conversation and discussion, groceries and meals, transportation, household tasks, or family care.

Guided by this vision, we embrace the goal of becoming a multi-layered care system made of six interconnected parts

Bring Christ's Care to Hurting People- Become a Stephen Minister! Do you have a gift of compassion? Are you a good listener?

Stephen Ministers are there: After the phone call, after the diagnosis, after the funeral, after the divorce, after the job loss... before the empty nest, before the move. If you'd like to explore the possibility of becoming a Stephen Minister at Westlake United Methodist Church, or if you think having a Stephen Minister would help you at this time, please contact Pastor Tracey, or Lori Crutchfield.


Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Awareness & Recovery Group


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