Cancer Support Group

Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Awareness & Recovery Group

The Limits of Cancer

  • Cancer cannot cripple love,
  • It cannot shatter hope,
  • It cannot corrode faith,
  • It cannot eat away at peace,
  • It cannot destroy confidence,
  • It cannot kill friendship,
  • It cannot shut out memories,
  • It cannot silence courage,
  • It cannot invade the soul,
  • It cannot reduce eternal life,
  • It cannot quench the spirit,
  • It cannot lessen the power of The Resurrection.

---Author Unknown

Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Lifestyle Changes Recommended by American Institute Cancer Research To Reduce the Risk of Several Cancers

For more information, contact Barbara Sleet

p: 512-799-4593

Sunday Worship

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9:00 am - Lively & Casual


11:15 am - Classic & Liturgical

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Family-friendly worship every first Sunday of the month at 9:00 AM.


Sunday School for All Ages

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