Step 1: Registration, Background check, References check & Payment

Go to and fill out the information needed to fully register.

  • On the second page there is a small box you can check for driving record check. Please check this box and provide the information needed if you think you will ever, even once, drive for children, youth or vulnerable adults ministries event.
  • It will ask you for your social security number to run the background check.
  • This process asks for 3 references. Pastor Tracey will automatically receive one reference request.
  • The second reference is for another pastor. Pastor Curt Davis is available for this reference.
  • The third reference is a Professional Reference. You are welcome to use any of the WUMC staff or another personal reference you choose.
  • If you are able, we ask that you cover the cost of the background check so that Westlake UMC can continue to fully fund the ministries we do. However, we are happy to reimburse you as we cannot do ministry without your excellent volunteer help!
  • If you checked for a driving record fee as well, the total will be $20.50
  • If you did not check for a driving record then the total is $10.00