Faith in Action Caregivers

Looking for a volunteer opportunity for your family? Need flexibility due to you or your children's schedules? If so, then Faith in Action Caregivers - Southwest Austin may be a match for you.

FIAC-SW: Who we are

Faith in Action Caregivers - Southwest Austin - is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to provide support services that enhance the independence and quality of life for older adults in the Southwest Austin area.

FIAC-SW is a coalition of interfaith congregations with the goal of offering a wide range of volunteer services to ambulatory adults over 60 who reside in the community. Many of our care recipients have long-term health needs and challenges that limit their mobility. We provide FREE RIDES for seniors over age 60, who are able to get into volunteer's vehicles on their own. We provide friendly visits and phone calls. We do light maintenance and yardwork. We help you find referral information. We have a medical equipment loan closet.

Faith in Action Caregivers - SW is one of 10 Faith in Action Caregiver volunteer programs in the greater Austin area that serve older adults. Home-based and community-based services are provided free of charge. No one is excluded from services for financial reasons.

FIAC-SW provides support care to seniors living within a geographical area circumscribed by ZIP codes 78733, 35, 36, 37, 46, and a small portion of 78738 that falls within the Hwy 71/Bee Caves Rd. triangle.

You can help the elderly stay independent!

  • Volunteer on your schedule.
  • Choose your volunteer opportunities from our online schedule.
  • Encourage your kids to communicate with seniors.
  • Most opportunities take only 1-2 hours total.

While most requests are for transportation, FIAC-SW also arranges home visits, friendly phone calls, minor home and yard maintenance. Office volunteers are also needed. Short, free volunteer training is required.

WUMC is a sponsoring congregation for this organization, which collaborates, with nine other organizations to provide services in the greater Austin area.

Faith in Action Caregivers - Southwest Austin

For more information

Visit Drive A Senior Online or Call:

p: 512-364-6501